Month: Sep 2019

Not only Personality Dissociative Disorder but Macular Degeneration

I don’t normally mention for profit organizations but if they provide a public service for a reasonable return that directly help I do support them.

Because I’m vision impaired I can’t see to shop. Because if I’m not a personality fragment that will shop and need to wait to be rescued by one that will, anything or anyone that will render the needed aid can be a public service.

If you know of persons that either don’t know of a service or are resistant to help, lend a hand. Pay a Dime to do good.

Reaveree Wheeler ( rev-er-ee )

Boy am I a mess! I need a Dime.


What is your signature?

Is it something like this:

Reaveree Wheeler  ( rev-er-ee )

I believe: that when you’re at your worst, break it by doing your best, the best you can do is your best for another, the best you’ll be is when you’ve done your best and that will make you better.

Or is it what you’ve done. It’s more important to a good thing than it is to get credit for it. Am I guilty of the same thing, -yes – , aren’t we all? It’s impossible to do good for a wider audience, wider than those you directly know, without it being known the help is there, someone else has fought their way through and found an answer.

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