Day: Oct 2, 2019

Build a Healthy Community

Build a Healthy Community and by doing so Health Ourselves.

Thank you for the response to my blog.

Thank you Ashley, WordPress Community and the individuals participating in mental health. Solving mental health issues is in our hands. Mental health professionals learn from us. It’s not the other way around.

Reaveree Wheeler  ( rev-er-ee)
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Mental Health

A new take on Mental Health @ Home

Perhaps my interpretation of that site name is different; let me explain.  Those who struggle have to: maintain acceptable visage when in public, as best they can, and present their “best self” to strangers and co-workers.  It’s at home, when alone, that life’s past, days past and event past come home to rest. It’s at home where we experience our condition the strongest.  Blogs and support groups are for the functional while mental health professionals, and yes, sadly, the courts are for the non-functional. Hi Ashley.

Now to Personality Dissociative Disorder and describing how it works.

Drugs don’t help.  Antipsychotics, antidepressants and the whole gambit of medications available don’t mitigate the symptoms but can help depression that is a result of the frustration of coping with the disorder.  Pentathlon has been used, but just to enable the personalities to erupt for the purpose of psychological analysis. When diagnosed and it was determined by the state mental health system and the Veterans Administration that I “really” had it, they pushed drugs to the point I was found to be dangerously overdosed.  It did not help.

Different personalities do different things but can’t do others.  One will cook but others don’t. So; if your present personality doesn’t bath, you have to wait for one that does to rescue you.  Good for deodorant sales, not good for social situations, so you wait, @ Home for the rescue.

Gender is often an issue.  Genetics: in the womb we’re all female in the beginning, enough said.  Males have a feminine side and females have a masculine side. Both genders have estrogen and testosterone, just in different levels.  Now for the real reason personality fragments divide, in part, by gender. A girl is being catastrophically sexually or physically, or both, abused.  “If I was a man I’d…” or “If I was stronger…” and “he couldn’t away with it if …” so her hatred and rage fragments into a man that, in her point of view, can deal with it physically and because men don’t manifest emotions: she’s ashamed and probably has to deal with the S.O.B on a daily basis.

When those fragments show up again @ Home she’s left to deal with him alone.

Reaveree Wheeler  ( rev-er-ee )

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For the sake of modesty and embarrassed and to protect the young and those sensitive to questionable language, images or descriptions, the gory details are password protected.  Stories need to be told for cathartic reasons if for no other.