Day: Oct 4, 2019

What Happens When He’s a Girl: A Series

Being Cute

What Happens When He’s a Girl? 

A sad story.

While taking one of the state evaluations I was to assemble an old door lock. My base personality was a highly motivated and very mechanically capable, trained to operate the mechanics of a nuclear power plant. After the exam started a girl fragment manifested and, untrained, could not figure out how to put the 4 or five pieces of the lock together. Frustrated, she started to cry and felt horrible that she couldn’t help me. She had showed up to help and didn’t. 

The conductor of the test noticed and kindly just said, “It’s okay if you can’t do it, you don’t have to keep trying. We left and, after her emotions were spent, the base personality returned.

Reaveree Wheeler ( rev-er-ee)

The Veterans Administration

The Veterans Administration

The VA recognized my condition but It was, I believe, because I had been diagnosed with the same syndrome twice before. First by a private mental health professional and then by the state mental health system. I have a VA pension and when I finally went to them seeking help, I was put through evaluation after evaluation and sure enough, it was found to be true.  The VA treated me for awhile with drugs and counseling. Eventually I convinced them the drugs didn’t help.

The therapist was interested in why antidepressants didn’t help and we figured out, “you’re not depressed.” As the therapy continued, explaining to him my approach, he came to understand my approach worked.

Sadly, for those without the benefit of the VA, Social Security, even with the private therapist, state mental health system and the VA, wouldn’t recognize the disorder.

Reaveree Wheeler ( rev-er-ee)