Day: Oct 5, 2019

Teach the Professionals

There have been many names for Personality Dissociative Disorder:

Split Personality
Multiple Personalities 
Dissociative Identity Disorder 
Personality Dissociative Disorder 
And what I was diagnosed with Personality Dissociation Disorder 

There are differences. All of them have the same basic principles, fragmented personalities, almost always, because of some trauma and usually when young or adolescent. My particular syndrome differs:

I was 24 years old.

I have events, several hours long, that I don’t experience. It’s like forgetting something but you forget as you’re doing it. Finding that you went for a walk but don’t remember doing it. You’re just suddenly somewhere else.

I watch myself. It’s as if my conscience self, consciousness, has left.

Those that haven’t been through it can’t grasp what it’s like observing yourself from somewhere else. I believe it’s when a personality fragment shares consciousness with the person they fragmented from and you’re seeing through their eyes.

Identities are different from a personality fragment. To identify yourself with something of your past and go back through it is not the same as actually being that part of you again. To identify with the past and having those things come back to be re-emotionalized is identity. When you are that person from your past again is another matter.

Identity and personality are different. The root words are identity and person.

Reaveree Wheeler ( rev-er-ee)