Day: Oct 6, 2019

I would rather earn a following than pay for it.

By doing you earn. By contributing you contribute to the better good.

Anthropologically speaking, it’s better to observe at first before you assume to know how to participate. I majored in anthropology but didn’t go on; it’s still part of me however.

Aside: What do you call someone with an advanced degree in anthropology? “Hey waiter”.

By being relevant, or at least trying to be, helpful feedback and learning, a blogger can hone their skills. Paying attention to a blog’s motivation and intent leads to a better community.

Reaveree Wheeler ( rev-er-ee)

It’s Sunday

We owe those that suffer with mental health issues a Dime: a Dime of time, a Dime of energy, a Dime of empathy and a Dime of Help.

In that light and on this day, this is my dime.

Hopefully, those of us in the mental health community can keep an eye on the prize. Information, informative, and recovery.

Why do I have a password protected part of my blog? It isn’t “porn” or of bad taste, just explicit, has those questionable words for a G rated blog and can be very angering or emotionally expressed. If your motivations are valid, I’ll give you the password; never X rated but R rated and intended for those 21, yes 21, years old.

The Salvation Army

Meals on Wheels

Be My Eyes

Veterans Affairs

Mental Health Disorder Center

Mental Health @ Home

Housing Mental Health America

I believe: that when you’re at your worst, break it by doing your best, the best you can do is your best for another, the best you’ll be is when you’ve done your best and that will make you better.

My next step to recovery.

Reaveree Wheeler  ( rev-er-ee )