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Dissociative Identity Disorder


Around half of people with DID have fewer than 10 identities and most have fewer than 100, fortunately I don’t have nearly that many. I believe that, approximately,16 is normal. The primary identity, which often has the patient’s given name, tends to be “passive, dependent, guilty and depressed” with other personalities being more active, aggressive or hostile, and often containing a current time line that lacks childhood memory.

According to the fifth Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), boring to say the least. DID symptoms include “the presence of two or more distinct personality states” accompanied by the inability to recall personal information, beyond what is expected through normal forgetfulness. Other DSM-5 symptoms include a loss of identity to individual distinct personality states, loss of time, and the sense of self and consciousness. I’ve noticed the level of functioning can change from severely impaired to adequate depending on the fragment. Different people do different things and it’s annoying to have to wait for the right personality while dissociation renders you unable to remember specific information. People with DID usually have childhood sexual or physical abuse but not always. Identities may be unaware of each other and compartmentalize knowledge and memories, resulting in chaotic personal lives. Individuals with DID may be reluctant to discuss symptoms due to associations with abuse, shame, and fear. Severe DID may also experience frequent and intense time disturbances.

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